Vrijwilligerspunt Eindhoven

Everyone has the talent to volunteer

Everyone has got the talent to volunteer. And volunteering contributes to everyones talent. That is why it is so much fun to do. Vrijwilligerspunt helps volunteers in their search for meaningful voluntary work in such a way that they can fully use their talents somewhere that suits them best. Vrijwilligerspunt helps organizations that want to work with volunteers. We will do that with a lot of knowledge and experience that we love to share. We are experienced in volunteering ouselves, a big part of our team consists of volunteers and interns. That’s why Vrijwilligerspunt is the expert when it comes to volunteer work. They also make sure that more and more people know and understand how meaningful working as a volunteer is. You are always welcome to share your ideas and thoughts in a panel of volunteers. That is how everyone will see time and time again what you can achieve as a volunteer and with volunteers.

In every neighbourhood, club, organization and in many companies volunteers are needed with ideas or a hands-on mentality. Eindhoven wants your talent and commitment. At Vrijwilligerspunt we have what it takes to bring and keep volunteers and organizations together. We do that through Campus, Match and Promotion.

What is Campus?

Campus means development. Development of the volunteer and development of the organization that wants to work with volunteers.

For volunteers.

Who are you and what do you need? What are your skills and what do you want to learn? The answer to these questions is different for everyone. Some volunteers know exactly what they want and need, others don’t have a clue. And some of them will think that volunteering is not for them. We’re sure it is. Come and meet us and we are more than willing to help you develop, in your own way and at your own pace. We offer online training, courses and workshops on subjects that are important for volunteers. Of course our staff will give you personal advise, if needed. 

For organisations.

Vrijwilligerspunt is also a center of knowledge. We collect and share knowledge about volunteering and working with volunteers. We are more than happy to give advice and organize workshops. For instance  about coaching, contracts, management, grants, finance and insurances. Vrijwilligerspunt arranges that every volunteer will be properly insured for liability, accidents and property.

What is Match?

Match means the right volunteer in the right spot.

For volunteers.

Vrijwilligerspunt welcomes and coaches volunteers until they are able to find the right spot in the right organization themselves. When you start working, we will keep in touch with you and, if necessary, with the organization, to ensure good collaboration. Also, if you’re ready for a new challenge, we will help you take the next step.

For organizations.

Vrijwilligerspunt helps organizations match their needs with the possibilities and wishes of the volunteers. For example, we will help to create a job description or to define tasks. If needed, we will support organizations in coaching a volunteer once he or she has started working.

What is Promotie?

With Promotie we show everyone the value of voluntary work and the opportunities it creates. That’s how we get more and more people excited to volunteer.

For volunteers.

Here in Eindhoven we call volunteers “Kanjers”. That’s a compliment and appreciation for all the hard work, as each volunteer contributes in their own valuable way. At vrijwilligerspunt we think you deserve something in return. That’s why together with our partners we organize Day of the Volunteer and we hand out the volunteer card, which gives you a discount at many companies. You will be able to find these discounts on the “Kanjersplatform”, a digital platform that gives access to our courses, promotions and news, and which enables you to ask questions. Once a month we’ll bring you news and stories on a special page in a local newspaper. This is how we show time and time again what you can achieve and how you are meaningful as a volunteer.

For organizations.

Vrijwilligerspunt puts the power of voluntary work in the limelight. That is why we join our partners in organizing events like NLdoet and Beursvloer. Here supply and demand come together, helping people find allies.


Unfortunately, this is the only information available on our website in English, but if you have any questions or are in need of advice feel free to contact us.