Vrijwilligerspunt Eindhoven

In our participation society the term 'volunteer' actually applies to any concerned, active citizen of Eindhoven. Residents who regularly work additional for their neighbours, family, their district, an association or if they do certain activities on urban level. We encourage this active citizenship, because of a changing government policy, which makes it even more important in the future. 

Vrijwilligerspunt OFFERS Expertise

Active citizens show their compassion and are involved in Eindhoven and its inhabitants. Their work is valuable and rewarding. Vrijwilligerspunt facilitates therefore both active citizens and organizations to organize good active citizenship. From our expertise we answer all sorts of questions and we offer support where necessary. 

vrijwilligerspunt INNOVATES 

We follow all developments in the field of active citizenship. We translate this into useful opinions and current work methods and tools for active citizens, organizations and civil initiatives in Eindhoven. In addition, Vrijwilligerspunt is a knowledge center and has an advisory role to the municipality. 


We stimulate and organize the exchange of knowledge and the establishment of contacts, which lead to a strong social base in the city. For example by giving inspiration through roundtables, workshops, consultation or expert meetings. Vrijwilligerspunt submits the connection between various social and voluntary organizations. 


We offer knowledge and practical tools to organizations. They can use it when they work or want to work with volunteers. Volunteers point helps organizations and volunteers to find each other. The goal is to establish a good match. We offer active citizens opportunities to develop and we organize the appreciation they deserve for their efforts. Vrijwilligerspunt brought all information for volunteers together on their website EindhovenDoet.nl. including search capabilities, development and appreciation.


The website EindhovenDoet.nl is an innovation of Volunteers point. Active citizens and organizations working with volunteers can find all information online. You can arrange things about active citizenship on the website. If you have any questions, or if personal contact is desired, the staff of Vrijwilligerspunt helps you further.